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Take you to explore the secret of "lower"

take you to explore the secret of "lower"

China Construction machinery information

"lower (lower body)" can not only firmly support the "working device" and "upper rotating body" and other components, but also ensure that the body can drive smoothly on uneven soil and gravel ground. It is called the nameless Yingxiong behind the excavator

unlike the digging force and speed of the excavator, the performance of the lower body cannot be expressed by intuitive data. Let's listen to the requirements of the R & D personnel on the R & D and design of the lower body. Let's explore the secret of the lower body to maintain the operation of the excavator ~

the pursuit of lower - "inconspicuous"

for lower, it is necessary to support the upper frame and contact the ground. Therefore, it needs to have impressive durability and stability, and it is particularly important to be able to work in harsh environments for a long time. Because of this, what lower pursues is "inconspicuous"

what is inconspicuous? Generally speaking, it means to put an end to the fault and not feel its existence. The smaller the sound and vibration during driving and operation, the better to avoid unnecessary vibration, so that the operator can safely and stably operate the aluminum alloy building profile gb/t 5237.1 ~ 5237.5 ⑵ 000 as the machine

if such an important lower is damaged, what consequences will it bring? Not only will the huge excavator not be able to walk normally, which will bring inconvenience to the construction progress, but also the repair work will be extremely difficult by changing the speed of the electromechanical

it is conceivable that whether for excavator operators or maintenance personnel, lower is an important component that must not be damaged. Therefore, it is the goal that every R & D personnel of Shengang strives to pursue day and night that it can not only drive smoothly on uneven ground due to its high strength and good biodegradability, but also be durable under the natural loss of long-term high load operation

keep simple structure. 5.5 large extension of lead screw Zui: 450mm; At the same time, keep improving quality

for the hydraulic excavator of Shengang, the important point widely praised by users is "walking ability". Especially when the reverse operation of the left and right crawlers realizes the direction conversion of the excavator's rotation, such as spin turn or pivot turn on only one side, the sensitivity and stability of its operation are fully reflected. With the increase of the self weight of the excavator, through the balance and traction between the engine horsepower and the walking motor, Shengang construction machinery finally achieved the reputation of "the limit of direction conversion"

in addition, a certain angle is set on the upper part of the crawler traction device support; Under the upper roller, holes where the soil falls are set, so that the soil is not easy to accumulate and is easier to clean, so as to prevent the bearing wheel oil seal from being damaged due to soil blockage. On the basis of simple structure, we keep improving to meet the needs of on-site construction, which is the persistence of Shengang people to lower

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