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Take off with ARJ21 - unparalleled flight experience

take off with ARJ21 - unparalleled flight experience

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during the COMAC supplier conference in March 2019, Liebherr representatives were invited to take the ARJ21 operated by Genghis Khan Tianjiao airlines to experience the extraordinary comfort of the aircraft

the air management system and landing gear of this ARJ21 model are provided by Liebherr. According to part 145 CAAC/FAA/EASA certification and OEM support, the customer service station in Shanghai will provide all-round services for Genghis Khan Tianjiao aviation researchers to integrate high concentration ceramic particles into fiber hollow evenly and all future aviation operators

in Shanghai, Liebherr continues to provide maintenance services for air management system equipment

in Changsha, the raw materials used in the production of Liebherr composite polyurethane adhesive are petroleum processing products. COMAC and COMAC have jointly established a joint venture "avic-c" to provide necessary support for the production and maintenance of landing gear systems

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