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Taizhou has built the country's largest production base of harvesters

"semi feed harvesters have always been the leading role of Japanese brands in the past, and national brands should dominate the domestic market in the future." Yesterday, Cao Yang, the former chairman of Taizhou Fengling Agricultural Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. and now the general manager of Jiangsu Changfa Fengling Agricultural Equipment Co., Ltd., told that last year, the sales volume of Fengling semi feed harvesters reached 2000, which has been in line with the Japanese brand "Yangma". By the end of next year, Fengling will catch up with and surpass "Kubota"

at present, the production base with an annual output of 10000 harvesters of Changfa Fengling company has been under construction, covering a planned area of 264 mu. The investment in the first phase of the project is 198million yuan, and it is expected to be completed and put into operation in the first half of this year

in July last year, Fengling company signed a cooperation agreement with Jiangsu Changfa group. The two sides jointly funded the establishment of Changfa Fengling company to build the country's largest combine production base, with an annual output of more than 10000 units. With a registered capital of 100million yuan, Changfa Fengling company is controlled by Changfa group, accounting for 51% of the shares, and Fengling company accounts for 49% of the shares. Before cooperating with Changfa, Fengling was already a leader in the domestic harvester production industry. Fengling company, which used to be engaged in the production of generator sets, began to produce combine harvesters in 2001. Since 2005, Fengling series combine harvesters have been listed in the "national agricultural machinery product promotion catalogue" and the "national general agricultural machinery product purchase subsidy catalogue". In 2006, Fengling harvester was awarded by the Ministry of agriculture, so it can be widely used in many industries and fields, giving it the title of "harvest machinery products satisfactory to farmers all over the country". At present, the semi feeding harvester independently developed and produced by Fengling company has become the first brand in China. While rapidly expanding its capacity, Fengling company encountered problems such as lack of funds and management talents. "The state is increasing subsidies for farmers to purchase agricultural machinery. At present, it is a golden period for the development of the agricultural machinery industry and a strategic opportunity for Fengling to achieve fission, which cannot be missed." Sunyaocan, head of Hailing District, said, "it is urgent to seek partners for Fengling."

to be a top brand, we must cooperate with giants. Zhongji South 9. Displacement indication error: within ± 0.2% of the indication value, Fang and other national key agricultural machinery and equipment enterprises have expressed their intention to cooperate, and Fengling company finally chose Changfa group, which has stronger capital and technical strength

it is reported that Changfa group mainly produces agricultural machines and tools such as agricultural tractors and rice transplanters, ranking top three in the national agricultural machinery industry, and its sales revenue last year reached 8billion yuan. According to the cooperation agreement, the working capital amount provided by Changfa group to Changfa Fengling can reach 100million yuan. Cao Yang introduced that the advanced management system of Changfa group has made Fengling management quickly in line with international standards. According to the new management requirements, the production cost of the enterprise has been reduced by nearly 10%

according to the introduction, the harvester output of Changfa Fengling company this year will reach 5000 sets, which is the research and export base of China's new aluminum and electronic materials strategic emerging industry in Xinjiang, of which 4000 sets of harvesters are half fed, achieving an output value of 500million yuan. Hainan will build a perfect key shipping infrastructure. Next year, the output will reach more than 10000 units, including more than 5000 semi feeding harvesters, and the annual sales scale will reach more than 1billion yuan

"take advantage of the enterprise's own advantages, introduce foreign capital and management technology, implement high-level grafting, and achieve leapfrog development." Yang Jie, Secretary of Hailing District Party committee, commented that the cooperation between Fengling and Changfa is a model for investment attraction and project construction in the District, creating a new "Hailing model". During the negotiation between Fengling company and Changfa group, Yang Jie accompanied and participated in the negotiation for many times. After the two sides signed the agreement, Hailing District Economic and Trade Commission and other relevant departments quickly implemented various approvals and solved the problem of land use. It is understood that Hailing District is amplifying the industrial cluster effect represented by Fengling group and Yucheng group, accelerating the cultivation of characteristic industrial clusters dominated by four major industries, including new energy, new materials, new electronics and modern agricultural equipment. Through introduction, integration, mergers and other means, Hailing District is cultivating industrial flagship with market dominance, industry leadership and superior advantages, ensuring that 100 enterprises with an annual output value of more than 100 million yuan will be established by the end of the 12th Five Year Plan, Form a clustered enterprise echelon

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