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The takeout industry consumes hundreds of millions of lunch boxes a year to solve the problem, which needs to be promoted by many parties

all parties work together to solve the problem of lunch boxes (PRISM)

"Hello, your takeout has arrived, please go downstairs to pick up the meal." Every meal time, you can always see the takeout boy shuttling through the streets and lanes, handing bags of lunch boxes to the ordering staff. While takeout service brings convenience to the fast-paced urban life, a large number of takeout lunch boxes also have an impact on our environment

according to the statistics of third-party research institutions, China's takeaway industry consumes hundreds of millions of lunch boxes in only one year, and it will take at least hundreds of years for these plastic boxes to degrade after use

small lunch boxes not only pollute the environment, but also are difficult to supervise in terms of safety.

Chen Ziwei is a white-collar worker who works in Wanda Square, CBD, Chaoyang District, Beijing. Therefore, since the company has no canteen, lunch is basically taken out every day. "Every time I order takeout, I feel guilty. Now I advocate green life and build a beautiful China, but the pile of lunch boxes in the garbage can is neither green nor beautiful."

wenzongguo, director of the circular economy industry research center of Tsinghua University, told that currently, the lunch boxes on the market include polypropylene plastic (PP) lunch boxes, polystyrene plastic (PS) lunch boxes, paper lunch boxes, aluminum foil lunch boxes, etc. Plastic products such as PP lunch boxes and PS lunch boxes, which are most widely used, are not degradable under natural conditions. "Evaluating the environmental impact of takeout lunch boxes should be seen from the whole industrial chain. The lunch boxes themselves will consume a lot of industrial water, oil, wood and other resources in the production process; when they are discarded, landfilling or incineration will produce soil, water and air pollution and damage the ecological environment."

the author searched "lunch boxes" on Taobao and found that 50 or 60 disposable plastic lunch boxes with covers can be bought for 10 yuan. If enough, there will be a discount. Many sellers sell 40000 or 50000 orders a month. Some sellers have marked the production license number in the commodity details column, but this information is provided by the Taobao encyclopedia page. If further verification is required, please log in to the official of the relevant department for inquiry

obviously, many businesses did not verify the information when purchasing lunch boxes, and they were not clear about the relevant regulations, especially the environmental protection standards. A waiter at a hot pot restaurant near wanquanzhuang, Beijing, told him that the plastic lunch boxes in the restaurant met national standards and the cost was acceptable, but he did not consider whether they were degradable, because this requirement was not mandatory

in addition to the impact on the environment, the safety of takeout lunch boxes is also a matter of concern. Chen Ziwei said, "every time I order a very hot porridge or soup and touch that thin plastic lunch box, I'm afraid it will affect my health."

experts said that although the measures for the supervision and administration of food safety in food and beverage services of Luo has been implemented since January 1, 2018, due to the lack of unified and strong industry standards and inadequate supervision, some low-quality lunch boxes are still circulating in the market, toxic substances will seep out in high temperature environment, and long-term use may affect human health

the author asked whether the takeout platform understood the environmental protection regulations for lunch boxes. The customer service of a takeout platform said that the takeout lunch boxes provided by the platform were harmless to human body, but there were no specific regulations on the quality standards and environmental impact of lunch boxes. The customer service of another take away platform said that the lunch box was provided by the merchants, and the platform could not put forward specific requirements or effectively supervise the merchants

relevant subjects should undertake environmental protection

today, the number of takeout lunch boxes is hundreds of millions, how to solve this problem and ensure the construction of major national projects

experts believe that there are many links involved in the production and circulation of takeaway lunch boxes, and the environmental protection and safety problems of lunch boxes should be promoted and solved jointly

first of all, we should strengthen the supervision of Internet takeout lunch boxes. Just this month, China's first takeaway lunch box group standard was officially implemented in Shanghai, which requires the takeaway industry to replace plastic lunch boxes with film coated paper bowls with more mature production technology. It is estimated that if the regulation is strictly implemented, more than 75% of plastic waste can be reduced. However, the local media found that there were not many merchants who actually implemented the regulation. On the one hand, due to cost constraints, on the other hand, because the standard is not enforced, there is a lack of effective supporting constraint mechanism. Wen zongguo said that to make good standards take root, it is necessary to establish systematic and targeted regulatory measures. All relevant entities in the takeout industry should bear the environmental responsibility, and the standardized production should be implemented by the manufacturer; Relevant departments inspect the production and output links; The takeout platform guides users according to their preferences and advocates saving; Catering enterprises should strengthen their awareness of environmental protection, choose green and harmless tableware, and avoid excessive packaging; Consumers should also pay attention to the quality of lunch boxes when choosing takeout businesses

secondly, relevant industry standards and regulations should be further improved. Wen zongguo suggested that the front-end production standards such as materials, specifications and quality of lunch boxes should be unified, and the back-end processing specifications should be formulated

in addition, the solution of this problem also depends on scientific and technological progress. Many restaurant operators said that they were willing to choose more environmentally friendly take away containers with the rapid growth of new and old customers' demand, but hoped that the price would be more "people-friendly". "Developing high-quality and low-cost new materials is the key to solving the environmental problems of takeaway lunch boxes." Wen zongguo said that at this stage, Guangguang and StarTech: this model can be used for sliding friction experiment machine, rotating friction experiment machine, rotating sliding composite friction experiment, intermittent contact friction experiment, reciprocating friction experiment. Biodegradable plastic is a choice, and China is carrying out the research and development of related technologies and products

the role of industry alliances is also indispensable. In June 2017, meituan takeout, China Cuisine Association and China Environmental Protection Foundation jointly launched the "green takeaway industry convention (green ten articles)" with a number of catering takeaway brands, which includes the relevant content of "promoting the use of green tableware". "On the basis of government regulations, the industry alliance can use producer extension system and other methods to strengthen the management of takeaway waste and establish a sustainable recycling system." Wen zongguo said

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