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On November 6, et, Zhujian smart was on the NASDAQ screen of times square in New York, releasing the b+ round financing news of US $45million and appearing on the international stage

recently, if the machine is in standby mode: Zhujian intelligent announced the completion of a $45million b+ round of financing on the occasion of its fourth anniversary. This round is jointly invested by an important strategic partner, Yunhui capital, which can be made into automobile windshield, stationery, packaging film, military safety glass, daily necessities, camera parts, radio shell, military products, electrical insulation parts, medical and health supplies, and leading capital. Kesbo investment, Zhong'an capital, trend capital, PwC capital, and Yilu capital, and light source capital serves as the exclusive financial adviser of this round of financing

more than 200 domestic mainstream media, including 36kr, globegroup and China, and more than 150 overseas media have reported on this financing earlier. This NASDAQ big screen launch once again brings Takeshi into the international vision

Zhujian intelligence was founded in 2015 by Mr. Jian Renxian, former vice president of Microsoft (Asia) Internet Engineering Institute. It is committed to the research and development of natural language understanding, speech recognition, computer vision, multimodal emotional computing and other technologies. It is one of the few domestic enterprises with voice, semantics, image full scene human-computer interaction technology

over the past four years, Zhujian has focused on the NLP field, developed the first AI dialogue platform BOT factory with a general semantic reasoning engine in China, and took the lead in establishing many b-end benchmark customer landing cases in various industries based on conversational AI and emotional computing technology, and continued to verify and polish them. Based on the BOT factory platform, Zhujian also provides a new generation of AI voice assistants for b-end enterprises, thus realizing the B to C business model related to the stability of the three closed-loop models mentioned above. So far, Zhujian has become an important partner of Huawei's 1+8+n ecosystem, and has launched in-depth cooperation with many business departments of Huawei

with the platform standardization, modularization of underlying technology, and long-term accumulated machine learning and migration learning capabilities, Zhujian intelligent can be implemented across industries and multiple scenarios, reaching many industry benchmark customers, including Huawei, oppo, China Construction Bank, Bank of communications, China Merchants Bank, Minsheng Bank, China Ping An, kevos, CIIC care, CITS express, Tongcheng Yilong, Pacific Insurance, Huaxia life, Tongfang life Bohai life insurance, Huatai Securities, Evergrande real estate, Vanke, country garden, China Guangdong nuclear power, Sany Heavy Industry, Ford Motor, Foxconn, UnionPay, vipshop, China Mobile, Changhong TV, Sanofi, onlee education, etc

in the future, Zhujian intelligence will continue to forge ahead on the road of polishing AI capabilities, organically combine ai+ vertical scene solutions with the BOT factory open platform, build an emotional robot ecosystem with partners, and continue to enable the intelligent development of enterprises with efficient and customized AI products

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