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After ten years of ups and downs, it has been moving forward brightly - baomeng China held its 10th anniversary celebration

China's plastic shopping bag consumption has continued to remain below 800000 tons. For this reason, Dr. Oliver vietze, CEO of baomeng group, Mr. Karsten just, executive director of marketing and sales of baomeng group, came from afar, together with Mr. Li Zhenyu, President of North Asia region of baomeng group and director of China company, and Mr. andereas parpan, vice president of Lida China operations, Mr. huolixuan, Consul General of Switzerland in Shanghai, and other heavyweight guests attended the meeting and delivered a speech

on the scene of the 10th anniversary dinner of Borg Meng China

Borg Meng Group North Asia this is a difficult time for battery enterprises. Mr. Li Zhenyu, President of the district and director of the Chinese company, delivered a speech for the 10th anniversary

ten years ago, he decided to set up a wholly-owned subsidiary in China, which was a brave attempt for Borg Meng group at that time. As an enterprise from Switzerland, Baomeng brings the world's top technology and excellent services in the fields of precision sensor encoder and industrial vision to Chinese customers. Since entering Shanghai to establish a Chinese company in 2008, baomeng has always adhered to the core values of cooperation, precision and pioneer, and the enterprise spirit of quality, precision and innovation. It is based on this concept that baomeng China has won the trust and favor of Chinese users and agents with its excellent product quality and excellent service reputation in many industries. It is because of the efforts of baomeng China, Its business in China has developed rapidly. In the second year of entering the Chinese market, it has created a miracle of sales of more than 100 million. Since then, baomeng has opened a brilliant road in China for ten years. At present, China is the most dynamic market in the world and the growth vane of the world economy in the future. With the help of the national strategic products made in China 2025, the main utilization fields include transportation, energy, infrastructure and consumer goods markets. Baomeng China will also usher in the next bright decade

in the past ten years, baomeng has expanded from its initial dozen employees to its current scale, and its sales and service network has spread to the whole country. At the dinner, Borg alliance especially commended more than a dozen cornerstone employees who have worked in Borg Alliance for more than ten years. From the grass-roots level to the management level, there are many more such old employees ~ this also makes people feel the love of every employee of the company for Borg alliance. Borg alliance's employee oriented enterprise culture also makes everyone feel warm and reassured. And the growth and development of baomeng are inseparable from the support of everyone who cares about baomeng

at the celebration, baomeng China Awarded awards to each employee who has been working for more than 10 years

in order to thank Mr. Li Zhenyu for his contribution to baomeng China, Dr. Oliver vietze, CEO of baomeng group, awarded a special award to Mr. Li Zhenyu

all along, product quality and technological innovation have been two important directions for the development of baomeng. Baomeng has launched a number of innovative products in recent years, such as smartreflect and poscon3d, Can be called the leader of the industry. At the product exhibition site of the banquet, baomeng showed a number of the latest products and relevant practical cases, which were favored by many customers and distributors

Borg smart reflect intelligent reflective photoelectric sensor

Borg new LX series cm excellent chemical resistance and coloring performance, lighter weight OS industrial camera

product exhibition site, Borg and partners gathered together

ten years, which is a leap of the times and will also be the next brilliant milestone for Borg China. The glorious decade has passed, and the next decade full of hope and challenges has come. Ten years of wind and frost, ten years of sweat, let's wish baomeng China to swagger and write a brighter future. Let's wish baomeng a more brilliant tomorrow

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